Wireless Diver Core Body Temperature Monitoring

WFS Technologies Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, a world leader in underwater wireless communications has partnered with EERS Global Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada, a world leader in hearing systems to develop Seatooth, the world’s first underwater wireless ear-based core body temperature monitoring system for divers.

Seatooth eers comprises a custom earpiece with integrated temperature sensor wirelessly enabled by a Seatooth wPAN (wireless Personal Area Network) node.  Diver core body temperature is transmitted wirelessly to Seatooth SWiCOM, a wireless underwater tablet. Diver core body temperature is monitored. This information can be transmitted securely to a diver buddy using Seatooth wireless communications.

WFS demonstrated Seatooth at a DOD SOCOM event in Florida Keys on 16th November.

The first generation of Seatooth SWiCOM was launched in early 2017. Following customer feedback the system was upgraded with an improved user Interface, extended communications range and additional functionality.

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